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Why work for a company, when you can work with a company? That is the question that we often pose to prospective candidates who are seeking the empowerment to mold their own destiny and contribute a part of themselves to an organization. At Solomon Ashford we give our employees the tools they need to grow, the motivation to pursue their goals, and the guidance to know exactly what they want out of their career. When we take on an employee, we take on someone that we believe in and want to see grow into what they could be. 

Company cultures have become cold and unforgiving in our times – something that hurts both the potential of the company and the people working for them. Solomon Ashford strives to create an environment where ideas are openly shared, and people can come together to do something bigger than themselves. We believe that it’s a company’s responsibility to make an investment in the people working with them, as a person’s vocation is integral to their self-development, and when people are allowed to grow, they give back to the company tenfold. It only makes sense that a satisfied and motivated team member is a productive and valuable team member.



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